What things to keep in mind for painting laminate floors?

It’s not difficult to paint the laminate flooring at all. We can do first sanding and then follow the procedure of painting for the super glossy appearance of the flooring. It is not expensive when we people plan a makeover for the floors. Laminate flooring needs a makeover too, and when we did a makeover of Quick-step livyn Vinyls, then I came to know so many things that we believe our readers should be aware of this. Let’s have a look


Floor Sanding

 All you people need to do is to wash the laminate floor first to get rid of dust and debris. Obviously, it will look bad so wash it first and then sand the laminate flooring with 180 grit sandpaper to remove the moisten effect. Make sure there shouldn’t be a single particle of dust so imperative to sweep up soon.


De glossing

 Well, de-glossing is an essential solution to the whole surface and what you people need to do is to take a clean cloth and apply deglosser solution. It helps to remove gloss because when we have to paint the laminate floor it must be deglossed earlier.


Prime the surface


Before going for painting laminate flooring, it’s imperative to prep the surface so go for primer and apply the heavy layer of primer. For the heavy texture layer in laminate, we can go for another coat of primer to prep the surface for smooth out the flooring.



Once you are done with sanding and priming of the surface, we should get started with the final finishing of top coat paint of the desired color. It provides durability & protection for laminate floor to avoid the hassle of heavy foot traffic. Especially those areas of the home where you observe heavy foot traffic it may need to apply a second coat.


These essential things we need to keep in mind about painting laminate floors. It’s up to you whatever color is chosen it should provide aesthetic features to the entire flooring. Try this either every year or after two years but don’t forget to check the quality for laminate flooring and instructions provided by the manufacturers. Frequent wear and tear will make the flooring a wreck.